Naruto 512 - Spoiler and Prediction !

Naruto Ch.512: The war begins!

Madara is standing with his Gunbai at his side. Kabuto is standing across from Madara, with Zetsu behind him.

Zetsu: You plan to take the Nine-Tails right now eh? I thought you were leaving him for Sasuke. Speaking of Sasuke...
Kabuto interrupting: He's not too far from here, right Madara?
Madara: He's around. And yes Zetsu I plan to rip the Nine-Tails out of Naruto, even worse then I did his mother then we'll see if he truly is the last of the Great Uzumaki Clan. Sasuke will only get in the way, he hasn't truly overcome the fact that Naruto is his only friend. We'll need him for better things.

Kabuto is seen with the scroll from Kisame, to Madara.
Kabuto: So you plan to take on Naruto? Good Luck.
Madara: You'd be smart to chose you words wisely Kabuto...
Kabuto gives the scroll to Madara.
Madara drops the scroll... Kabuto smiles, Zetsu just stares at Madara. Madara's Sharingan starts to wheel, very fast.

Naruto, Bee, Motoi, Yamato are staring at the ground with this look on there faces
Guy is wrestling with an unconscious Aoba. Guy opens his eyes, smiling at everyone that's standing up.

Motoi in thought: These Konoha Nins are truly IDIOTS
Yamato also in thoughts: If it weren't for Naruto, we'd all be Fish Meal. Even now I still can't believe how fast it happened. He really is the son of the 4th Hokage.

A panel is shown with Naruto in Controlled Kyuubi Chakra form. He bursts every bubble and does a simple kick to all the sharks.

Yamato in thought: And it was just one move. Naruto...
Motoi: What happens now?
Yamato: We have to act fast. Lets assume the Akatsuki have the scroll, they have the location of where the Jinchuriki are and they also have info on all our plans since Kisame was hiding in Samehada. We have to evacuate the Jinchuriki immediately.
Naruto: They won't have any of us. We're going to end this here.
Guy: Thats nice Naruto. But if its true that Madara Uchiha is the one behind this war, we have no choice but to find solace in a more secure hideout that the Akatsuki have no clue about. Now that we're sure they have no spies here, LETS GET GOING.

They all go back to the main part of the Island.

Madara is seen from a top a tree far away staring towards the direction of the group.
Madara in thought: The Falls of Truth... I thought is was a myth, but it actually exists. Created by the Uzumaki Clan as protectors of the Biju they created this place to better aid them in keeping the Biju controlled and away from the Uchiha Clan. So this is another reason why the Uzumaki Clan were always with the Senju.

Naruto senses something off and looks in the direction of Madara, but nothing is there.
Naruto: I swear I felt an evil presence, yet Kisame died and nobody else on the island is evil... Is it Sasuke? Is Sasuke here?

Inner Naruto:
Kyuubi is in his Cell: I feel... the Rinnegan near? WAIT! Its him, none other then that cursed freak. If it weren't for you Naruto, I would of wiped the Uchiha from the pane of existence... If you weren't a Uzumaki, I'd have taken over your body and killed every last one of them.

Naruto is seen banging on doors, yelling out to no one in particular.
Naruto: The Akatsuki are here again, GET OUT OF HERE!!

Madara is seen in the distance. Naruto senses, then stares straight at Madara. Madara tries to release the Nine-Tails with his Sharingan, but to no avail.
Madara: What's happening? The Nine-Tails is not even in Naruto anymore... What is the meaning of this?
Naruto appears right behind Madara: You thought you could come here unnoticed did you, MADARA UCHIHA. Nice new mask, are you going to reveal that ugly face of yours, or should I do it myself?

Bee is seen staring in the distance with Yamato n Guy.
Guy(staring at a bright yellow figure): Is that Naruto?
Yamato: Yes it is. He has defeated the Fox and taken its remaining chakra.
Guy is smiling, then starts frowning: Is that Masked Nin...
Yamato: Masked Nin?
Bee: Yes it seem Madara Uchiha is here, why am I slow to notice?

Madara: Hmmm. It seems you've taken control of the Nine-Tails Chakra, how strong are you now?
Naruto: Strong enough to end you right here and now...

Guy: We better hurry to Naruto's side, who knows what will happen *uggghh*
Yamato: You haven't fully healed from opening the gate of wonder and on top of that you've used the noon tiger, it should take you at least 5 days to recuperate from such exhaustion.

Bee is now standing across from Madara

Bee: You can't defeat 2 Jinchuriki at one time, it will make your nuts chime
Madara: You can't even match up to my power
Madara stares into the eyes of Bee, and tries to extract Hachibi. But he is unsuccessful.
Madara: What have you done to me Naruto?
Naruto: What are you talking about?
Madara: I tried to pry the Biju from both of you, yet it isn't working? What is going on?

Madara warps away from Naruto n Bee and is now a few yards away. He now has hold of his Gunbai.
Madara: What is going on here?
Bee: *chuckles* This island isn't originally property of Kumo.
Madara: This island was created by the Uzumaki Clan
Bee: So that's the name of the Clan, well Kumo had the island given to them...
Madara interrupting: Kumo stole this island, because the Yotsuka Clan were envious of the Uzumaki Clan's ability to control Biju much easier then the Uchiha Clan's Sharingan, and the Senju Clan's Mokuton. The Yotsuka were given the Hachibi as a sign of great trust between the Konoha & Kumo. But they went behind Hashirama's back and had this island shift waters and become hidden within this wretched Country.
Naruto: This island is from... my people?
Madara: As a matter of fact yes, now enough with this talking.
Madara show's his EMS. Bee is now completely still, seems to be caught in a Genjutsu. Madara sucks him in.

Madara: Now for the Nine-Tails... If I can't have the Nine-Tails I'll take the Jinchuriki.

Inner Naruto
Madara: Where is the Nine-Tails?
Naruto dizzily: ugh... over...
Naruto falls over.

Madara: No matter, I'll find where you stored that Beast. And it will be mine.
Kyuubi in his Cage: Come closer so I can rip you to shreds. You cursed....
Madara: Come now, Nine-Tails.
Kyuubi: Haha that won't work that way here. Your powerless on this island, even with your stolen Rinnegan you won't leave out of here alive.
Madara: Wha...

A Rasengan is planted in his back. Naruto is standing over Madara in RS form.
Naruto: You don't belong here, get out.
Naruto readies another attack.
Kyuubi: Naruto... let me kill him... He's powerless here... Let me end the pain here...
Naruto: Not now Nine-Tails, I have a question for him.

Scene now shows Madara on the ground, surrounded by water.
Madara: I underestimated you, Naruto. It seems I also underestimated your father. If I'm correct, it seems he's put a forbidden sealing technique into that seal of yours, it is veru similar to the original seal that the Rikudou Sennin used to seal the Jyuubi within himself.
Naruto: Where's Sasuke?
Madara: He's busy, you should worry about who's in front of you.
Naruto: What do you want?
Madara: You shall soon find out.
Naruto: Bring back the Hachibi now...

Madara warps off.
Madara is in his dimension.
In thought: He's a handful, I'll just have to leave it to Sasuke.

Naruto: Where are you Sasuke?
Kyuubi from his Cage: Naruto...

Inner Naruto
Kyuubi: Why didn't you kill him, your too weak...
Naruto: I didn't get my question out in time.
Kyuubi: If you let me out, I will tell you the truth about the Uchiha Clan.
Naruto is shocked: The truth... about the Uchiha... Clan?
Kyuubi: Let me out, and you'll learn the truth

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