Naruto 495 Prediction

Session One Complete
(Yamato, Motoi, Killer Bee, and Naruto are all gathered near the edge of the cliff. Bee and Motoi break their hands apart, as Bee turns around and waves his hand.)

Killer Bee: Well imma ‘bout to get a bite to eat ‘ight?
(As Bee prepares t to walk off, Naruto speaks up.)

Naruto: Umm, Octo-Dude, wait up. (Bee turns around.)
Killer Bee: Oh, it’s the Dattebayo-boy… Yo?

Naruto: I, uh… (Naruto remembers himself neglecting the meaning behind the fist bump between him and Bee. Naruto snaps back to reality and sticks out his fist. Motoi smiles, while Yamato nods his head. Bee smiles and he fist bumps with Naruto. Naruto smiles right back as the scene switches over to the waterfall area. Bee and Naruto are standing across from each other with Motoi and Yamato in the background behind the brushes.)

Yamato: Hey, what do think they’re talking about?

Motoi: Beats me, but Bee told us not to bother them. (The scene switches over to Bee and Naruto.)

Killer Bee: Take a squat lil’ dude… (Naruto sits down and folds his legs while Killer Bee does the same.)

Naruto: So uhh, how am I supposed to beat that guy? (Killer Bee makes a serious face for the first time.)

Killer Bee: You still hate them don’t you?

Naruto: What!? No way, who?

Killer Bee: Your peeps, that’s who!

Naruto: Noo… I have Sakura, Kakashi, my friends, and Iruka… Heh, heh, I don’t hate anyone- (Bee cuts him off.)

Killer Bee: And that’s why you won’t win, stupid idiot!

Naruto: Uhh… (Naruto remembers the villagers ostracizing him as a kid, and then remembers how Evil Naruto was rehashing on it.) Oh… I see.

Killer Bee: That water fall over dere’ reflects innermost suppressed self in physical form… You have such a thing because you haven’t conquered your darkness and haven’t forgiven the people who came after you.

Naruto: WHY SHOULD I FORGIVE THEM! (Killer Bee stands up much to the shock of Naruto. Bee shrugs his shoulders.)

Killer Bee: It’s on you kid… I can’t tell ya how to live ya life… (Bee then points to Naruto.) Hey kid, do you know what chakra comes from?

Naruto: Hmm.. (Naruto remembers Fukasku’s demonstration during the Sage Training arc and is able to recite it to Bee.) Oh yeah… Um physical and mental energy right?
Killer Bee: When you use a Bijuu’s chakra, wad ya think ya pullin in?

Naruto: I don’t know… (Bee looks surprised then the scene switches to Hachibi.)

Hachibi: Ok, I was wrong, he has no potential… (The scene switches back to the outside. Bee points to his head.)

Killer Bee: Hey OH! You pull in some of the mind behind the chakra as well, someone who hasn’t come to terms with their hatred will be manipulated by its chakra!

Naruto: Just like that toad said…

Killer Bee: A weaker mind will be over-come, that’s just how it is…
Naruto: So, I need a stronger mind, is that what you’re saying?

Killer Bee: Sayin it won’t matter, you gotta believe it. Forgive ‘em, it’s not like it’s all of their faults anyway. The Bijuu were used to destroy villages and kill people for years. If ya had to ask me, I’d say just deal wit it boy… Except it and forgive them… Show them why you and that Kyuubi of yours isn’t the samething, if ya can’t do that, then you’re proving them right. (Naruto has a shocked look on his face.)

Naruto (in thought): That’s right… I just ran away from my problems… Scared of what might happen if I used the power of the Kyuubi… I didn’t believe that I could control it, yet I also believed that I will eventually lose control again… Heh, I’m a fool…

Killer Bee: Kiddo, I did all I could… Now would ‘ya excuse me, I gotta be on my way, oh yay! (Bee rushes off.)

Naruto: Heh, how can I save someone from hatred when I can’t even beat my own? I’m a real piece of work huh? (Naruto looks over to the waterfall as the scene changes over to a dark and dank underground tunnel. Cries and moans become discernible.
Following the tunnel eventually opens up into a wide open area, where countless defeated white-robed ninja are scattered and toppled across the arena. Soon, a hand emerges from the mountains of bodies and in one quick motion Sasuke emerges from the opening he created. Sasuke stands atop the bodies in victory.)

Sasuke: … (Sasuke flips off of the bodies and lands on the ground. He proceeds to the exit, soon a swirling effect opens near Sasuke, Sasuke turns around to spot Tobi. Tobi makes a quick glance around the area and then claps his hands.)

Tobi: I see they were easily dispatched, and from the looks of it, you managed to spare their lives like I’ve asked you to, indeed impressive. These were no ordinary subjects Sasuke…

Sasuke: I want to know why is the cursed seal enzyme transplanted into these ninja? For one, how did you get them to join you and two, how did the research from the North Base get carried to them. The only one capable of this knowledge must have connections to Orochimaru…

Tobi: Oh Sasuke, you over-analyze things… Orochimaru is dead like you said and I, the true ruler of Akatuski, was able to gather Orochimaru’s research files and track the location of his bases. You doubt my ability. I just had to grease a few palms, and you know how those things go down. Besides, we’re at war; we need all the power we can manage.
(Sasuke stares at Tobi.)

Sasuke: *Hmph* If you plan to test me at a later date, be sure to enlist more fools to use my power on… (Sasuke walks off, Tobi goes into deep thought.)
Tobi (in thought): I should have prepared more for that; that was close. He was almost able to deduce that I’ve joined forces with Kabuto. It’s best I keep Sasuke in the dark about this; he and Sasuke must not meet. Damn you Kabuto… Offering to advance Sasuke’s dojutsu at the cost that his unit witnesses his skills; I have no choice but comply with Kabuto’s requests for now. Sasuke’s powers must be ready for “it.”
(The scene switches over to the island. Naruto is sitting at the waterfall with his eyes closed. Yamato and Motoi are behind Naruto watching over him.)

Yamato: Hmm… (Yamato scratches his chin. The scene switches over to Naruto and then, switches over to inside the mental world. Evil Naruto and Naruto are standing several meters apart from each other. Evil Naruto pants and shows signs of exhaustion while the Naruto stands firm. Evil Naruto points his finger at Naruto and yells.)

Evil Naruto: HOW! HOW’s THAT POSSIBLE?! I’M YOU! I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU! (Evil Naruo rushes forward. Once he nears Naruto he does an up high hook punch with his left hand, Naruto ducks to avoid the blow. Evil Naruto smiles and then thrusts his right knee forward hoping to catch Naruto’s head, since Naruto’s ducking however, Naruto immediately catches the knee with both hands and pushes off, which throws Evil Naruto off balance. Naruto then stands up, extends forward and upper cuts Evil Naruto in the face with the left hand.)

Evil Naruto: AHHH! (In one quick motion, Naruto spins around and elbows Evil Naruto in the face with his right elbow, leaving a cracking glass effect on Evil Naruto’s left side of the face. Evil Naruto holds his face then backs up a good distance. Evil Naruto yells and rushes forward again, Naruto does a left side kick and sends him flying back. Naruto then looks to Evil Naruto’s direction.)

Naruto (in thought): I’m winning…. He’s weaker… The Octo-dude sure knows his stuff…
(Evil Naruto is rushing forward with two shadow clones, one on each side of him. Naruto quickly makes two shadow clones. Evil Naruto and Naruto stops midway while both of their sets shadow clones proceed to clash with each other. Both of Evil Naruto’s shadow clones both punches away however, Naruto’s shadow clones slips their heads out of the way and delivers straight jabs to their faces, dispersing them. Evil Naruto is shocked but before he can provide a counter-attack, both of Naruto’s shadow clones each grab an arm of Evil Naruto, restraining him.)

Evil Naruto: HEYY! LET ME GO! LET ME GO YOU IDOIT! (Naruto creates another shadow clone, and it helps him form Rasengan. The shadow clone behind Naruto disperses once it shapes the Rasengan in his hand.)

Naruto: It’ll end here!

Evil Naruto: WAIT! WAIT (Evil Naruto grins.) YOU THINK THIS STOPS ME FOREVER?! (The Rasengan strikes and completely shatters Evil Naruto into pieces of glass. The scene then switches to outside the realm. Naruto opens his eyes and stands up. Motoi and Yamato rushes over.)
Yamato: How’d it go?

Motoi: Did ya beat him?

(Naruto jumps in the air and screams.)
Naruto: YAYYYY!

(Motoi looks over to Yamato.)

Motoi: I guess that’s a yes.

Yamato: So, what’s the next step…?

Motoi: Hey Naruto! (Naruto is still ecstatic.)

Yamato: HEY! NARUTO! (Naruto stops and then turns around abruptly.)

Naruto: Oh, Yeah?

Motoi: Ready to face your Bijuu? (Naruto places his hand on his stomach.)

Naruto: Yeah… I’m gonna undo the seal… (Yamato has a concerned look on his face.)

Next Time: Face to Face with the Kyuubi, Naruto breaks the seal!

by special one

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