Naruto 511 - Spoiler and Prediction !

Chapter starts off with Konan walking somewhere. She flashbacks to how she survived Madara’s jutsu but is really weak. She says she wont give up. She gets to where Nagato and Yahiko’s bodies were but she notices Nagato is gone. She cries and falls down. She has a short flashback and dies.

Meanwhile, Zetsu is nearby an ocean, talking about Madara and the war and all that, when a Shark comes by. Zetsu notices it’s one of Kisame. He takes the scroll and brings it to Madara. The Shark disappears.

Zetsu pops up where Madara is, who has Nagato’s body, he removed the Rinnegan from him. Zetsu gives the scroll to Madara. Madara opens it and reveals that is gives the location to where Naruto and Killerbee are.

Then I can see one or a mix of the follow that will happen:
-Madara says he will go and get Killerbee
-Madara says he will see how loyal Kabuto is by having him get Killerbee
-Zetsu wants to get Killerbee, Madara says that now that Zetsu is whole again that he can easily get Killerbee
-Madara says it’s time to see how good Sasuke’s new eyes are.

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