Naruto 515 - Spoiler and Prediction !

Naruto 515 Spoiler | Naruto 515 RAW | Naruto 515 Predictions

I strongly believe that either Naruto or Aoba, possibly even Gai, must have one of Yamato’s moku bunshin seeds. and if that’s the case, Naruto can enter Sage Mode and track him down for sure.
Well, with Yamato captured they need an extra bodyguard for Naruto, another Jounin. Neji Kishi, make it happen!
Put Neji in Yamato’s place in this chapter, and Neji doesn’t actually get captured. He simply releases a ton of chakra from all parts of his body or goes straight into his absolute defense to knock Kabuto away with ease. Neji’s chakra capacity is also significantly increased over part 1.

I liked Madara’s aggressive attitude. The monster is finally coming out of the box. Next time we see him fight I have no doubt that we’ll see some terrifying display. He looked a little odd with one Sharingan and one Rinnegan, but I guess I’ll get used to it. That last panel could have been drawn in a much more epic way.
I’m still a little baffled that Kabuto’s assault was put into two tiny chapters. It felt so incredibly short and rushed. Last week I got a real déjà vu feeling similar to the one I had when Pain invaded Konoha as Kabuto’s massive assault felt so epic, and I even went as far as saying this invasion arc would probably be among my favorites. I never would have guessed it would be so short lived, what an anti-climax.. And I guess we know why Kishi took a break now, some of the panels weren’t even finished.

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