Naruto 513 - Spoiler and Prediction

Naruto 513 Spoiler Prediction
Madara meets the two hosts.
Madara: Both of you. Are coming with me.
Naruto makes a trio of Kage bunshin.
Bee readies Samehada.
Madara uses Katon: Multiple fireball jutsu
Naruto and his shadow clones dodges the fireballs easily. His clones near Madara.
Madara: Hmph!
Madara sends his elbow thundering against of the clones face. The clone vanishes into white mist. Madara’s Knee meets the abdomen of another clone and that one also vanishes into white mist.

Naruto and his clone brings themselves closer to Madara for an attack. Madara then springs into the air a few feet and unseaths his Harisen. With a mild swing of his Harisen a gale of air mixes with the terrain below causing a minature dust storm to blind Naruto and his clone.
Madara lands back onto his feet and darts towards Naruto, but then Killerbee saves Naruto by smacking Madara with the Samehada.
The dust clears up and Madara does a series of flips and lands on a tree branch.
Madara: Not to shabby.
Killerbee: Yo Nine-o. Lets show this guy what happens when he messes with two hosts.
Naruto: He becomes toast right?
Killerbee: eh.. -Sweatdrops-
Killerbee: GO!!!!
Naruto goes Rikudo Mode
Killerbee goes into his tailed state
Madara: ?!! What the?
Madara is shocked by Rikudo Mode.
- Scene switches to Sasuke-
A whole army of Cloud, Leaf and Mist ninja are keeping their eyes locked on Sasuke.
Kakashi is shown with Neji, Shino and Chouji.
Kakashi: I’m going in!
Kakashi darts towards Sasuke.
Sasuke: Fool.
Susanoo’s fist smashes Kakashi.
Samui: He’s reckless. Tch.
A bunch of fodder ninja jump onto the scene but Susanoo ends up knocking them away like flies.
Omoi: I see why the Raikage lost half an arm to this guy.
Sasuke: Is laughing uncontrollably.
A hand emerges beneath Sasuke and Kakashi pulls him down into the Earth about half way.
Sasuke: !!!! WHAT?!
Sasuke looks down and see that he’s quickly sinking into the earth. He then uses Chidori Nagashi, but is pulled into the earth. He spots Kakashi and impales him with a chidori. But Kakashi turns out to be a kage bunshin.
Sasuke then activates his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and turns around and spots Kakashi.
Kakashi: !!! Dammit. He spotted me.
Sasuke: With these eyes I can see everything.
Susanoo sends Kakashi flying.
- Scene switches to Rock Village -
Rock Shinobi: Us help Konoha? Yeah right.
Tsuchikage: Akatsuki has seven bijuu. If we let them win. We all lose.
Elite Shinobi emerges forth.
Elite Shinobi looks manly. He has an axe. An eye patch with the Rock forehead protecter on his wrist. His muscular figure intimidates his comrades.
Rock Shinobi: So I guess we have no choice then.
Elite Shinobi: Man up and stop being weaklings. I’ve fought in two shinobi wars and managed to get away from that fourth Hokage. This shinobi war is my time to shine.
Tsuchikage: Whoa this guy is serious.
Elite Shinobi points his axe towards the exit of the village.
Elite Shinobi: TO KONOHA!!!
Tsuchiakge: I’m the Tsuchikage.
Elite Shinobi: Shut up old man. There is a war to win.


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Naruto is pretty good, I like naruto shipuden as known more about the group called the akatsuki and the fights that take place in this season is way too good I'd like to do more episode of Naruto to keep watching for much longer.

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