Naruto 510 Spoilers

Status: Confirmed
Credits: Ohana

507: An Unexpected Kinjutsu

Madara falls down into Konan's paper.
He holds his mask and tries to use his space-time [ninjutsu], but the exploding fuda among Kona's paper prevent Madara from doing so.

Konan: "it seems the space-time ninjutsu was a failure. It seems you cannot [teleport] anything other than what is directly besides you."
(if you want to teleport yourself, you have to materialise. it also goes slower than when you teleport something other than yourself)
Madara: "I have to stop teleporting. If i won't be able to slip through the explosion, things will be dangerous indeed."
(There are exploding fuda all around me... I can't carelessly teleport)
Konan: (Madara can slip through materials for a time period of approximately five minutes.)

The paper starts covering Madara
Konan: "In order to kill you, I prepared six hundred billion exploding fuda... They will continue to explode for ten minutes."
Inside the explosion.....
(Konan has a small flashback)
Madara: "I was the one who induced Yahiko to start Akatsuki and I was also the one who gave Nagato the Rinnegan."
Yahiko and Nagato moved on their own! They weren't just shōgi pieces! Even if they were like that, I will fight and die with this intention! That is why this will is tied together!! It will not be hindered!!
When the explosion ends, Konan sits down. The paper decoration in her hair crumbles.
Konan: (The Paper Person of God Technique is coming apart. I used more chakra then I expected up till now, but with this...)
"Madara is certainly—"

Madara from behind her: "—Dead?"

In a special place, Yahiko and Nagato rest among paper flowers.
The paper flowers decorating them crumble...

Konan is breathing faintly: "Why? You should be dead. No matter how often I tried it out, if I proceeded like this, I should have brought you down"
Madara: "Izanagi... The ability to change illusion into reality, in exchange for light. An Uchiha kinjutsu... The Uchiha and Senju... Only those who hold the power of both sides can use this dōjutsu!"
Konan: "Both the Senju and Uchiha...? That is the Rikudō's power. You have such power..."
Madara: "you're my former comrade. As a token of friendship, I'll teach you a bit about my techniques and my body. Izanagi is essentially what you said. A technique applying all things created by the Rikudō Sennin. originally, the Rikudō Sennin, the founder of both the Uchiha and Senju and possessing the blood and powers of both, made all things. Using the power of Yin Release (Inton), originating from the spiritual energy governing imagination, he created form out of nothing. With the power of Yang Release (Yōton), originating from the physical energy governing life, he blew life into those forms. The Bijū are also one of those... He used Yin-Yang Release (Onmyōton) to create every Bijū from the Ten-Tails' chakra. A technique that can embodies imagination and life. That is Izanagi."(RS)
Konan: "What kind of person are you?"

Madara: "To the world, Uchiha Madara lost to Senju Hashirama... but what is the truth? The victor is the person looking forward... The true victory and defeat come after this... The battle back then was to gain that person's power. I am Uchiha Madara who obtained Senju Hashirama's power. The second person to become Rikudō, that is my sole existence now. There were a few others who displayed imperfect Izanagi because they couldn't control Hashirama's power, but..."

Konan goes away from Madara

Madara: "it looks like you're quietly going to Nagato. If you go there, you'll both regret it. That nonsense you got from Naruto isn't true peace or something like that! there is no hope or anything! Nagato believed in Naruto, merely to comfort his miserable self, is all."
Konan (! Impossible, I...) The rain turns into drizzle
Yahiko: Nagato is the man who will become the bridge to peace. My duty is to be the pillar that supports that bridge.
Nagato: The bridge to peace is he.. It is his will itself. My duty only goes up till here... Naruto... If it's you, really...

Madara: The ceaseless Amegakure rain is... What is this?

Konan stands up. "Yahiko! Nagato! Your will will not vanish! I too believe in Naruto! This time, he"
(the sky clears up and the sun appears together with a rainbow)
Konan: "He is the man who will become a bridge to peace!! And for that, I will become a pillar!!!"
(Thank you Nagato... Even when you're dead, you still give me hope!)
I am a blossom that is fine with falling! Here, you will...

Konan raises both her hands and her paper forms a circle.
Madara grabs Konan's neck. "you said I was darkness, right? In that case, i'll make you wither. And I'll make that rainbow bridge, sparkling in seven colours, disappear into darkness as well. The moment this genjutsu I cast ends, you will end as well. After you told me where the Rinnegan is, though..."

Konan loses conciousness.
Madara: "There...?'
Yahiko's and Nagato's corpses are in a place resembling a temple?
Madara sits next to Nagato. "You are the third Rikudō... [Holding] a power so strong, it was even able to turn your red hair, proof of your Uzumaki clan lineage, into white...
You turned traitor and yet you still smile...?"

Nagato smiles with the will for creating peace...

Another Translation

507: the forbidden jyutsu out of the blue

Madara falls into Konans paper.
He holds the mask and tries to go ji-kukan(the time n space jutsu) but is interrupted by konans explosive tags.

Konan : the ji-kukan nin-jutsu seems to have failed. I wasnt there with you for nothing.
('when you swallow yourself, you always materialize your body. And you're slower then than when u swallow other things than yourself.')
Madara: had I not restricted myself from flying on jikukan to shift to slipping through the explosions, sure, i might have been in trouble.
(Surrounded by explosive tags ….cant go jikukan casually.)

Konan ('and the time madara can slip through objects is about 5 mins.')
The papers start to attack madara.
Konan: these 6 hundred billions of explosive tags I prepared for killing you... should keep exploding for 10 minutes.

while the explosions are going

(a tad of konans flashback)
Madara: its me who prompted yahiko to set up akatsuki.
Its also me who gave Nagato the rinnegan.

konan: Both Yahiko and nagato were doing things of their own wills! They were no way your pawns! in whatever forms, they fought and died of their own wills !
Thats why the will is linked!! I wont let you get in the way!!

the explosions end and konan sits down. Konans paper hair ornament falls to pieces.
Konan: ('the jutusu of divine paperist is broken. I didnt think it would take this much chakra but…with this')
Madare is definitely...

Madare from behind: dead is he?

in the other place Yahiko and Nagato lie in paper flowers.
The paper flowers the place is adorned with are falling to pieces…

184 :ohana ◆

konan breathing feebly: why? Undoubtedly you are supposed to be dead… many simulations I went through said this plan was certain to beat you.
Madara: its izanagi…a forbidden jutsu of uchiha that can link vision to reality in exchange for (the users) light…
Uchiha and senju…this is a dojutsu that permits only those with the forces of both!
Konan: (of both) uchiha and senju…? Thats Rikudohs power. you cant have such power…
Madara: my one time comrade. for the sake of that, ill tell you a little about my jutsu and myself.
Izanagi is essentially an applied jutsu based on rikudoh sages banbutsu sozo(the creation) youre talking of.
uchiha and senjyu, originally… Rikudo was the root of these two, had the bloods and forces of both and he created everything.
the force of Yin-ton which originates from spiritual energy that presides over imagination. Using it, he made shape out of nothing.
the force of Yoh(yang)- ton which originates from physical energy that presides over life. Using it he transfused life into form.
an example is those B-jyus…out of 10b chakra, he created each bjyu using on-myo(yang-yin)-ton.

the art that materializes imagination and life…that's Izanagi.
Konan: who on earth are you?
Madara: they say madara uchiha was defeated by hashirama senju…however, what's about the truth? The winner is the one who stared into the future….
The real game is coming up now…the old fight was to get his forces. I am Madara Uchiha that attained hashirama senjus power.
Being the second rikudoh/Making a rikudoh of the second, now I am a unique existence. Although thereve been a bunch of losers that couldnt control the hashirama power and exhibited their incomplete Izanagi.

Konan gets clear of madara.

Madara: it seems almost time(for you) to see nagato. Up there the two of you can be sorry for being taken in by narutos nonsense.
Theres no damn true peace! There never is damn hope! Nagato only wanted to console his pitiful self by believing in naruto.

Konan ('!? can this possibly be….') the rain slackens off.

Yahiko:nagato is, he is the man to be a bridge to peace. My role is to be a support of the bridge.
Nagato: the bridge to peace is him. His will itself is.
My role seems to be up at here…Naruto…You on the other hand, will really…

Madara: the nonstop rain of amagakure (is ceasing)…whats up with this?

Konan gets up: Yahiko! Nagato!
Their will wont wither! Me too believe in Naruto! that he is the next..
(It is cleared up and theres the sun and a rainbow in the sky. )
Konan: ...the next one that will be the bridge to peace!! And for that I will be the support!!!('thank you Nagato…even after your death you still give me the hope!) im a flower ready to go!
Now Ill have you...

As Konan lifts up her hands, the papers describe an arc.
Madara grabs konans neck.
Madara: You called me darkness. Then, I will make you die out. And vanish the bridge thingy of this rainbow of prismatic 7 colours in the darkness. When the genjutu is done youll be done for. After I make you come clean with whereabouts of rinnegan, that is...

Konan faints away...

Madara: here it is…
In some shrine(?) like place yahikos and nagatos remains are.
Madara sits next to Nagato.
madara: Youre the third rikudoh…Your red hair was evidence that youre a descendant of the Uzumaki clan and it turned white because u mustered that much strength for…
betraying me, youre still smiling, are you...

caption 'the will for peace is being spun and that makes nagato smile.'

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