Naruto 509 - Spoilers and Predictions

by: ShiverX

Naruto 509 Continuation

Konan seems to not react to this justsu, calmly being pulled into Tobi's realm.

"Your first mistake, as always seems to be to underestimate your opponent's." Konan smile. " To think that I would not be prepared for you powers... But I guess that is something you would expect from an old and much to powerful entity.. or what do you say? Madara now? Is it?"

At this Tobi flinches noticeably surprised by her words.

"What do you know?" he whispers.

"Enough" is Konan's last words before her head is sucked into Tobi's void. As her body follows it breaks up into papers with explosion tags.

Tobi tries to jump away from the explosions but is held down at his feat by Rain-shinobi from the water. The explosions go of, but many of them is sucked into the void and disappear.

(somewhere in the void two characters get suprised by many explosions and flee!!)

As the void jutsu settles and the explosions end Tobi's whole body is instantly engulfed in razor shard blade like papers and new exploding tags start to attach themselves all over him. They start to explode in fiery light and smoke!

As the smoke settles Konan and several paper clones are placed all around Tobi's location in a ring and besides them are hundreds of Rain-Shinobi, all ready to strike at her command. They all stare at what remains of Tobi.
There is only the mask left, floating on the water..

"A clone.... Clever girl" Tobi's voice hisses in an ominous echo.

"Secret pouring water grave!" Konan yells and smashes her hand in the surface activating the Seal around the places she is standing. The rain start to furiously rain inwards towards the place ofthe mask. The drops form a prison bombarding all that is inside, pushing it to the middle. As the rain hits the mask it starts to form a void and shift in place. But the water is to strong and keeps it in place, pushing it somewhat into the water.

"HaaaaaaAAAA!!" Konan screams as she pours all her power into the seal jutsu!!

The rain drops change to resemble needles and intensify in their number and fury.
Some of the rain-ninjas Form another seal adding Lightning to the rain seal. The thunder infused rain needles start to vaporisethe mask.

"No, it can't be... NoOOOOOO" Tobi's voice is heard screaming as he is disintegrated by the powerful jutsu.

As the mask disappears the jutsu is ended. The rain goes back to normal and Konan falls to her knees, her clones vanishing. She gasps for air out of exhaustion.

"Is it over..." she whispers as her fellow ninjas help her back to her feet.
"Yes... you did good Konan." Yahiko's voice reaches her ears.

She twists in agony as a Kunai pierces the left side of her chest from the back. Her eyesight goes blurry as she turns to see her assailant. Yahiko is standing behind her with the Kunai. He is smiling softly. Konan struggles to understand the situation.

"Yahiko?" she mumbles.

"Yes, it's me Konan. It's time for you to go to sleep. Don't worry. I'll protect the Rinnegan from the enemies." His voice is very warm.

Konan is utterly confused, she is losing a lot of blood.

"But why? How? Why did you stab me?" Konan begins to feel tired.

"Never mind that now, To save you and the Rinnegan I need to make it look like I've stricken you down. Tell me where the Rinnegan is and I'll get us out of here."

Konan stares for some seconds at Yahiko, her sight starting to dim.

"" she struggles to get the words out.

"KONAN!" Another voice echoes in her head. "WAKE UP! YOU MUST WAKE UP!" It's Nagato's voice!

Konan feels a surge of energy run through her body and her eyes open wide. All around her dead Rain-ninjas lie floating in the water. Behind her is Yahiko's body, horribly stitched up and pale. She looks up to see in front. Tobi is standing some ways from her and beside him is Sasuke. One of his eyes are closed. But the other!!!

"I guess your new illusions can be broken after all." Tobi's voice seem mocking.

"Quiet, you just focus on your doll there and I'll handle the rest. If she won't tell a friend, then she will tell pain!" Sasuke's voice is twisted horribly. His eye start to swirl and focus on Konan.
Her eyes drown in the terrible vastness of power the eye represent. She screams!

Sasuke slowly approaches her and puts his face close to hers, staring into her eyes. She cannot avert them. He smiles.

"Will you tell me then?" His voice is monstrous.

All of a sudden Konan bursts into papers, dispersing to the left and right.

"Quite impressive" Tobi's voice is amused. "She fooled us again..."

"Don't worry, I'll find her again.." Sasuke's voice is normal, but annoyed.

At the borders of the rain country.

Konan is gasping for air. "The transportation jutsu you set up so many years ago..... To think it would still be active Nagato... I never thought you had set it up for me like this..." she is talking to herself.. As she walks blood is slowly dripping from her side.
She turns her gaze toward the horizon, and in her eyes you see new determination. "Naruto" She says with a somewhat steady voice as she walks onwards towards the country of fire..

What Will happen to Konan? What happened to Naruto and gang last we left them in the water prison?

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