Naruto 507 - Spoilers and Predictions !!

Naruto 507 - Spoilers and Predictions !!


507 - The Fake Existence.

Naruto's little quip about Guy was difficult to translate. It probably wasn't written correctly in japanese in the first place, so i just winged something. Don't take it to seriously
Kisame's shark tries to absorb the chakra of Hirudora, but Hirudora isn't made of chakra.

Guy: "Roar!! Youth!"

The shark and tiger collide

Not far away:
Yamato: "Guy-san's Hachimon Tonkō art... Hirudora!"
Naruto: "Hirudora...? What, does Guy-sensei give a discount on mushy naming senses while selling his fresh youth stuff?"

Yamato: "The force of Hirudora spreads out over a vast range! If you don't brace yourself...!"
A powerful wind arrives where Yamato and co. are.

Kisame collapses. Guy stands above him. Guy has the scroll (with the information) in his left hand.
Kisame is worn out: "Was that a Ki attack just now?"
Guy has white eyes: "Hirudora is taijutsu, not ninjutsu." He explains about Hirudora.
Kisame moves and Guy punches him in the stomach. Kisame coughs up blood. He loses conciousness.
Scene change:
Kisame: He's tied to a what appears to be an execution platform (like a gallows). In such a way that he cannot move his hands and neck.
Konoha's crow user (probably Aoba) tries to get information from Kisame's memory in a way similar to Inoichi.

Kisame has a flashback~~
His comrades invite him to eat with them, but Kisame refuses.
Seeing this, his comrades are like "Whatever~~~"

Kisame is on a mission to deliver a code. He comes across Ibiki.
Kisame annihilated all his comrades. It's better if he alone has the code.
If the others get caught and talk, they would be killed.

Then we get to the Fourth Mizukage.
Kisame asks him whether he's an enemy or a friend.
From behind him, Madara appears...
Madara manipulated the Fourth Mizukage.

Then Kisame regains consciousness and to make sure no information can be retrieved, he bites off his own tongue, committing suicide.
Kisame's sharks are absorbed by the Hydra. Hydra is no chakra.
(Kisame's sharks attempt to absorb Noon Tiger's chakra. But Noon Tiger is not made up of chakra.)
Guy : Howl ! Youth !

Tiger and Shark are clashing.
Just near.

Yamato : Guy's Hachimon Tonkou's technique ! It's the Noon Tiger !
Naruto : Noon Tiger ? It's just like him naming techniques for discounts sales or something.

Yamato : The Noon Tiger's range is huge. He must stand firm !
(Yamato: Noon Tiger's strength is far-reaching. Stand firm (to Naruto).
A gust blows through Yamato's whereabouts.)

Kisame falls on the ground. Guy is standing above him. Guy haves a scroll in his left hand.
Kisame is all beaten up. "That was a like a Air Bullet, that attack."

Guy haves white eyes. Noon Tiger is no Ninjutsu, it's Taijutsu. He explains about Noon Tiger.

Kisame tries to moves but Guy punch his guts. Kisame vomits blood. Kisame lose consciousness.
Kisame : You're just like a torturer. Just so I can't move.
Aoba comes and just like Ino's father, he tries to get info out of him.

Kisame's past.


Kisame refuses to have lunch with his friends.
When they see this they're all like "Geez, whatever."

Kisame's mission is it to deliver a password. He meets Ibiki.
Kisame killed all his friends so he would be the only one knowing the password.
Since if they're catched and they talk, they're killed.

And comes The Fourth Mizukage.

Kisame asks if he's a ally or a foe.

And behind him, there is madara.

Madara manipulates the 4th Mizukage.


Kisame regain consciousness.
For him to no reveal any crucial intelligence. Kisame commits suicide by biting his own tongue.


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