Naruto 504 - Spoiler and Prediction !

Its still a rough draft and I may edit it but this should serve good for now.

Naruto: 500-501 “A Family’s Legacy of Pain”

Naruto is looking at Kushina who has a sad look on her face all the sudden.

Kushina:”It all began long before my time in Konaha at the end of the first ninja war.”
Naruto: “What happened?”

The first Hokage is shown in a meeting room with several different leaders all sitting around a large table with 2 subordinates for each leader standing behind them.

Kushina: “As the first hokage was creating peace amongst the villages there was one group who was insistent on one demand and they would not rest until they got it. It is at that time where our troubles began.”
Naruto: “Who were they?”

Madara Uchiha is sitting at one end of the table with two uchiha members standing behind him.

Kushina: “They were what you now call The Uchiha clan.”
Naruto: “What did they want?”
Kushina: “The kyubi.”
Naruto: “….”
Kushina: “Although their reason for wanting the kyubi was never disclosed they still faught hard to get the kyubi. Their leader, Madara Uchiha campaigned hard to receive the kyubi even at times causing strife amongst the other villages simply to force the senju to hand it over.”

Madara is shown talking while two other village leaders are showing enraged looks on their faces
yelling at each other while pointing fingers.

Naruto: “What happened?”
Kushina: “The Senju clan decided to do what they thought was in the best interest of everyone but would keep the kyubi from getting into the hands of the uchiha. They secretly sealed it inside one of our ancestors, a young man of a lesser clan with no real ties to any of the hidden villages.”

A young man who bares a striking resemblence to Naruto is shown on his knee in a bowed tribute
before Hashirama.

Naruto: “Why did he do that? What made this young man so special?”
Kushina: “Like your father, this young man was a man of great integrity who had shown his value in battle even at the cost of his only son who had been lost in the final battle of the war.”

The young man is shown holding a smaller boy in his arms with tears in his eyes.

Naruto: “….”
Kushina: “Unfortunately Madara found out about this action and immediately tried to hunt down our entire family just so he could get his hands on the kyubi. He arranged for a Daimyo of a hidden village to be assassinated with one of us framed as the culprit.”

A Daimyo is shown laying on the ground with a pool of blood around him and a knife in his back.

Kushina: “From that day on our family became outlaws. Hunted vigorously by the Uchiha and bounty hunters all seeking more or a chance to regain the kyubi. Even after Madara had supposedly died we still were hunted down like animals simply because there was a long standing bounty on our family which no one bothered to remove.”

A couple shots of different people being chased or chained in prison is shown.

Naruto: “And that is why the Kumogokure ninjas captured you? They were after a bounty?”

Kushina walking in shackles with the kumogokure ninjas is shown.

Kushina: “Correct. They did not know I contained the kyubi or why they needed to capture me. They just wanted to make some money off a bounty. Your father on that day discovered that bounty and vowed to find out who was paying off the bounties to continue to hunt our family.”
Naruto: “And thats when you fell in love with him?”
Kushina: “Yes. Your father worked hard and diligently from that day on to protect my family despite efforts by some others to hunt us down. Eventually he finally was able to find out who it was that was enforcing the bounty?”
Naruto: “Madara…”

Madara is shown with his mask on pointing a finger at Minato while he spreads his arms out blocking
a terrified Kushina who is cowering in fear behind him.

Kushina: “You know him?”
Naruto: “We have met.”
Kushina: “Madara threatened your father and the village with destruction if he could not get the the kyubi from me but your father refused vowing he would fight Madara to the end to keep me from being handed over to Madara. Not long after you were born is when Madara finally struck.”
Naruto: “What happened?”
Kushina: “Madara arrived on the night of your birth with an army of mercenaries and bounty hunters who had been searching for our family. It took them little time to capture your father, myself, and the rest of my family.”

Madara is shown with several dozen mercenaries surrounding Minato who is trying to protect a fallen

Kushina: “As Madara aimed to bring about a killing blow to your father I snapped. I lost control of
myself and entirely broke the seal of the kyubi.”

Madara is shown looking on in horror as Kushina is enveloped in a full size chakra formation of the kyubi.

Naruto: “You broke the seal?”
Kushina: “I do not remember what happened after that but when I woke up my family had vanished except for my grandfather who in his last act brought me back to life at the cost of his own. Your father as I later learned had thought I was dead so he went off to go stop the kyubi which was attacking the village.”

Kushina is shown crying over the body of her grandfather with Konoha burning in the background in the distance.

Naruto: “Did you ever find out what happened to the rest of our family?”
Kushina: “Sadly no. Shortly after I found your father working hard to seal away the kyubi. In that instant I gave what ever chakra I had left that kept me alive to him to help him forge the seal. I died on that night with my last moments seeing your father fight bravely against the kyubi as I slowly faded away.”

Kushina starts to slowly vanish away as her body becomes ghost like.

Naruto: “What is happening?”
Kushina: “My time here is done. My work is finished. Farewell my son. Make your father and I proud.”

Naruto has tears in his eyes as he hugs Kushina as she slowly vanishes.

Naruto: “I promise mom! I will. I promise.”
Kushina: “Good bye my son…..”

Naruto wakes up and stands up as Killer bee also stands up.

KillerBee: “Well done Naruto. You have control of the kyubi.”
Naruto: “I guess its time now then.”
Yamoto: “What time?”
Naruto: “Its time we left the island and brought an end to this war.”

Naruto has a serious look on his face while Yamoto looks completely shocked at Naruto’s words.

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