Naruto 502: Spoiler and Prediction !

Naruto 502 Spoiler prediction

-16 years ago, the truth unveiled
(Naruto looks dumfounded as Kushina tells him the bitter truth.)
Naruto: “you… You were a host too, and the Fox’s host no less? (Naruto then has a displeased look on his face.) I can’t believe my mom too.”
Kushina: “That’s right. The incident 16 years ago revolves around one of Konoha’s darkest histories. Where it all began, was the Whirlpool Country, where I was born and lived until I was a little girl and was shipped to Konoha.”
Naruto: “The Whirlpool? What does that have to do with you being a HOST!?”

Kushina: “Patience! The Whirlpool, a small country situated Southeast of Fire Country. It lied in the midst whirlpools, thus the name. It was a forgotten territory only known to Konoha.
Naruto: “This place must be special if only Konoha knew about this place.”
Kushina: “Actually, the Whirlpool Country is providence to the Fire Country, and later became territory to Konoha through the course of history. I rather not give you too much of a history lesson, that’s what Kakashi’s for.”
(Naruto sighs.)
Naruto: “Gee, thanks mom.”
Kushina: “The Whirlpool wasn’t your ordinary place, in retrospect; it is much like the island that you are all on in Kumogakure. It is a secret place, shrouded in mystery. Only those of the high brass in Konoha can claim to know about the Whirlpool Country.”
Naruto: “How come?” (Kushina then makes a devilish face as she utters the next sentence.)
Kushina: “Because it was the main base of experimentation and the whirlpools surrounding the country was actually some kind of defensive mechanism set up to defend the place from intruders; only the ones who know the secret can advance.” (Naruto has a worried face on, he then holds his mouth in fear.)
Naruto: “And you lived there, mom?”
Kushina: “I think you can pretty much put the pieces together. I am Konoha’s first successful experimental host project.”
Naruto: “W, what!?”
Kushina: “Konoha wanted to gain control of the Kyuubi. As Kumogakure had advanced its technology and created a place to train and produce hosts, and Mizugakure had a few Bijuu during the course of history, you can begin to imagine that Konoha began to feel threatened. That’s when the project began. Previously, the whirlpool country was nation ravaged by civil war, Konoha settled the dispute and took it over, and not many people know about this, it was so high classified. A main base was mounted and the civilians on the land were experimented on like lab rats!” (Kushina tenses up.)
Naruto: “*snickers*”
Kushina: “They figured the best way to control the Bijuu would be to create a host who has an affinity to its chakra; someone who can call upon the Bijuu’s chakra like a magnet. Konoha needed quick results, Kumogakure was already so far ahead in its Bijuu project, and Konoha feared they would be left behind. That’s when Konoha decided to use the 1st Hokage’s genes and implant them into children in the hopes that it would yield fascinating results.”
Naruto: “Wait, that’s just like!”
(Kushina nods her head.)
Kushina: “Yes, one of the head scientists behind the project was none other than Orochimaru. It is safe to say that he took his knowledge and findings from his previous works and carried it over for his own sake. Tenzou, as you’d call him, Yamato, is perhaps somewhat of a genetic progeny to me. (Kushina then smiles a little). He’s almost like a little”
(Naruto scratches his head.)
Naruto: “Woah, that’s strange. Uncle Captain Yamato…”
Kushina: “Anyway, I was sealed with the Kyuubi after the project was completed, which took a number of years. I than grew up with normal life in Konoha; I couldn’t complain. No one besides the three Elders, Sarutobi, Orochimaru, and a few others knew about me. I was able to live a normal life, well until Kumogakure’s sensors picked me on a mission, but even that was kept hush, hush. (Naruto has a slight smile in his next dialog.)
Naruto: “Thank goodness.”
Kushina: “Everything was fine, up until 16 years ago came to fruition, when the masked Akatuski attacked.”
(Naruto is displeased.)
Naruto: “That guy again.”
Kushina: “He saw through everything, he was able to relinquish my control of the Fox.”
Naruto: “But how, you got that 1st guy’s chakra in you. You shouldn’t have-“ (Naruto gets cut off.)
Kushina: “No, something else happened that night. It was orchestrated, the whole thing.”
Kushina: “That masked Akatuski had the key to my seal; I always found it strange that they didn’t turn over ownership to me in the first place. Obviously, people had connections to that man. What that man did was impossible; he couldn’t have gotten that intel on his own. He had to Key to my seal and he used it to break down the barrier that kept the Kyuubi from me.
The whole thing was staged. The Kyuubi being handed over to Akatuski in exchange for something, a dream, no, more like the goal of Akatuski was also that of theirs. The sealing method, the production of me, it was all so that the data can be transfered over to Akatuski so that the leader can use its knowledge to obtain something of greater magnitude.”
Kushina: “The 3rd wasn’t the Hokage at the time, and Minato and the elders frankly, didn’t get along. There was always discord between his and their ideals, so he never knew the whole picture until things got so bad.”
Naruto: “That’s just like with Granny.”
Kushina: “You probably won’t believe this, but Danzou, who may have been acting more on self interest, planned to stop them. Rumor had it that he planned to control the Kyuubi, but I don’t have proof to make that claim so easily. They may have appeared to have been on the same side, but Konoha has long been since the 1st’s era, a three way war. Danzou, who wants to unite the shinobi world as one, The Elders, Koharu and Homura, who are in cahoots with Akatuski, and the Hokages, the side I believe you want to be on.”
Naruto: “I, I can’t believe this.”
Kushina: “The Elders underestimated Minato, they didn’t think he’d gather this much information. I don’t know the full story, but apparently, the Elders planned to give the head of Akatuski the Kyuubi as collateral to ensure that they get their cut of Akatuski’s profits. The age of disarmament fueled the development of Akatuski, mercenaries who train while the world faces peace. In case of catastrophe, untested shinobi are worthless, that’s why Akatuski is so important. The Elders saw this as an opportunity. But they didn’t simply want to be customers, they wanted a share of Akatuski.
The elders bought their way in with the Kyuubi. Be very cautious of those two. When the incident occurred, your father, Minato, quickly devised a way to take back the Kyuubi. He planned several steps ahead, so far that he didn’t even trust the top brass with the Key to your seal. He entrusted it to Jiraiya Sama, the one man who we both can account for. It took a little while for Minato to create the seal, as I, well, the Kyuubi ravaged the village.
(Naruto tears up a little. The Scene switches to 16 years in the past. The Kyuubi is seen roaring and trampling dozens of soldiers. Immediately, a small poof of smoke appears in front of the Kyuubi on the ground. As the smoke clears, Minato is shown. Minato looks up at the Kyuubi, while the Kyuubi glares down on him.)
Minato: “Kushina, forgive me. (He makes handseals.) Summoning Technique!”
(Gamabunta appears in front of the Kyuubi as Minato stands on top of the giant toad. Soon, dozens of Nara clan members appear. Shikaku is carrying baby Naruto as he leads the platoon.The Scene switches back to the present.)
Kushina: “And that’s how it happened. Some of my chakra was mixed in with the Kyuubi’s chakra, and Minato used that to lay the foundation for the seal used to contain the Fox’s chakra. How, I don’t know how, but he managed to wire mine and his mental energies to the seal and drag our consciousness back from beyond. And that’s the story.”
(Naruto stares off into the distance.)
Next Time: Now that Naruto knows the truth, how will he face Konoha?


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