Naruto 499 - spoiler and Prediction

499 will be a long drawn out explanation of all things relating to “that night”, Kushina will explain (comically in terms that Naruto will be able to understand right away, like the kid toad had to use food to explain what the elder toad was trying to explain of natural energy absorption) what makes her chakra so special, and how he will be able to tap into that. Possibly go off by saying her goodbye(s) to Naruto as the last of her chakra within him dissipates, and chapter ends with Naruto “ready” to face the Kyuubi.

Chapter 500 will take 2 weeks (so 3 weeks from now) to come out, and it will be the final showdown of Naruto and the Kyuubi, where Naruto has spiritually and mentally matured to the point his parents wanted him to achieve/obtain. Expect a long (and hopefully epic) fight where we see Kyuubi and Naruto use different jutsus/moves. Kyuubi will almost take Naruto by full force, and the chapter will end, in an obvious and dramatic cliffhanger. Ch. 501 will start off by Naruto recovering, by thinking of what his parents said and think of him. He will subconsciously unlock a way to keep SM up (either for a longer period, or indefinitely), and that will give him the power to finally yank Kyuubi’s chakra from it’s mind. The chapter will end with Naruto looking down solemnly with his hand squeezing and a thought bubble will show something like: “I’ve finally achieved my power and recognition. I’m ready Sasuke, are you?”

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